Honey is one of the most incredibly versatile products Mother Nature has to offer. When we think of honey, its amazing medical benefits come to mind immediately. Mad honey is an amped-up version of regular honey. Extracted from the rhododendron flower, mad honey has hallucinogenic properties. This is why it’s also known as hallucinogenic honey, or deli bal honey in Turkey.

We commercialize the original mad honey, extracted by the Gurung tribes of Nepal. This way, alongside the many benefits of mad honey, we also provide our customers with the authentic experience of Nepal mad honey.We are a family-based company, and this is why we take honey hunting traditions seriously. This goes to show that we are dedicated to keeping tradition alive while supplying the best product on the market.

You can try Mad Honey only here and get a new experience. It has an indescribable taste. Want to know why? We extract honey on the slopes of the Himalayan Mountains from wild bee's hives. Is it impressive? And what if we say that the whole process takes place at an altitude of 3000 meters? We risk ourselves to collect honey for you. It is a pure product without harmful additives, carcinogens, and other foreign substances — only the pure taste of honey, which is natural.

We are the first who organized the delivery of honey to anywhere in the world, and we have extensive experience in this. Our company is in constant development. We are looking for the best and most affordable ways to deliver honey around the world.

At the moment we cooperate with the DHL and UPS companies from Kathmandu, Nepal. We also have stock of our mad honey in Europe, so our company has quite a lot of orders from Europe. In several years of our experience, we can offer delivery from the EC. We also took care of convenient payment using such methods as PayPal, Apple Pay, Google pay, MasterCard, Visa, BTC, or Western Union.
You will not have problems with the purchase of Mad Honey.

Everything is elementary and straightforward. Now nothing will stop you from enjoying the taste of Himalayan honey. Feel the symbiosis of natural ingredients and great taste of wild honey. This product will bring you the pleasure and new taste experience. Make an order right now to get this delicacy soon!