Fishing in Nepal


In Nepal lives around 185 species of fish are found and most striking ones are- trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and crap. The best season for fishing in Nepal is from October to November and February to May. Some prominent fishing areas are Karnali, Babai in Bardiya, Chitwan's river confluences, Dolalghat, on Kodari Highway and Pokhara's lakes. Most significantly, Karnali River is gifted with good fishing spot for the fishing enthusiast. Different species of fish are found in Karnali River. Amongst the several fishes found here, the Golden Mahseer is valued above the others. Karnali is the perfect place for Mahseer fishing.

Furthermore, fishing is all the more amusing in mountain streams. There we can spot varieties of trout- rainbow trout and common ones. The Himalayan rivers and lakes camps present good basis for fishing for the fishing lovers. Also, fishing in the rivers in the Terai region will be a reverie experience for fishing enthusiasts. There one can see large catfish, murrel and carp. Likewise, the Mahseer is a large and much- appreciated sport fish found in the Geruwa River that skirt. But, its numbers are decreasing hastily.