How Mad honey is different from commercial/marketed honey


Mad honey is different from commercial/marketed honey as it is contaminated with grayanotoxin; it is known as mad honey due to its intoxicating/poisoning effects. Grayanotoxins arediterpenes, polyhydroxylated cyclic hydrocarbons, containing no nitrogens. Grayanotoxins cause intoxication and areextracted by honey bees from the nectar and pollen of the plantsof the  Rhododendron  genus (Ericaceae family). Mad honey intoxicationhas been reported in many countries around the globeincluding Turkey, China, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Japan,Nepal, Austria, Germany, Brazil, and some countries of North America,  Honey containing grayanotoxin is even more toxicduring spring as compared to mad honey produced in otherseasons. Mad honey has a bitter sharp taste, and it irritates thethroat; therefore, it is also known as bitter honey