Mad honey intoxication


Mad honey intoxication is caused by the ingestion of grayano-toxin extracted from the leaves and flowers(nectars and pollens) of   Rhododendron  plant species by honey bees. The mad honey intoxication/poisoning are reported to be the same around the globe including Turkey, China,Republic of Korea, Nepal, Philippines,  etc.  Mad honey intoxication/poisoning should be taken into consideration inpreviously healthy patients presenting bradycardia, variousbradydysrhythmias, and unexplained hypotension aerobtaining a dietary history of mad honey ingestion.The symptoms of mad honey intoxication last for a day, dueto rapid metabolism and excretion of grayanotoxins. The signsand symptoms of mad honey intoxication/poisoning may seemlife-threatening; however, no fatality has been reported inrecent medical literature.