Uses of mad honey


Mad honey is employed for various purposes, which are different from those ofregular honey. It is usedas an alternativemedicine used for hypertension, diabetes (hyperglycaemia andrelated complications),
flu, gastrointestinal disorders (pepticulcers, gastritis, dyspepsia, indigestion, bowel disorders, andother discomforts), abdominal/gastric pain, arthritis, stimu-lating sex (dysfunction, impotence, enhancement, and perfor-mance), various viral infections, skin ailments, pain, andcold.
The antiradical bioactivities, such asantidiabetic, anti-inammatory, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-microbial, cytotoxic, and insecticidal, of Rhododendron speciesare also well established.
Chloro-genic, coumaric, ferulic, and gallicacids to be the main phenols in mad honey. 
Arginine, lysine,and asparticacid to be the main aminoacids in mad honey.
Mad honey has the highest level of antioxidant activity among other types of honey.