Is your honey 100% authentic? Yes. Our shop is a certified mad honey retailer, one of the only ones in the world. We provide top-quality honey to our customers, and our delivery services are effective and reliable.

Where does your mad honey for sale come from? Our product is 100% authentic, extracted by Gurung honey hunters in the Himalayan hillsides of Nepal. How is mad honey made? Mad honey is produced through the pollination of the rhododendron flower. Its pollen contains a hallucinogenic toxin called grayanotoxin, which is infused in the honey. How do you eat mad honey? In small quantities only. It is typically mixed with beer, but you can also mix it with other drinks. It’s also great to consume just before breakfast, as a quick energizer. What are the effects of mad honey? Depending on the ingested quantity, it can give you a tingling sensation or slight numbness. If you consume just enough, you will feel almost drunk. What are the benefits of mad honey? Mad honey can treat hypertension, diabetes and stomach diseases. It also has antiviral and antibacterial properties, making it effective in the treatment of viral infections. Anothermedical benefit is its positive effect on sexual performance. Mad honey increases libido, and raises the quality of your sex life.

Can I trust your website? Yes. Our shop is a trustworthy retailer of hallucinogenic honey for sale. We offer our customers top-quality rhododendron honey for sale, as well as reliable customer service. We take pride in commercializing the best mad honey on the market, and our amazing products speak for themselves.