Our Honey

Our honey is top-quality mad honey. It’s extracted by pollinating the rhododendron flower, it’s 100% natural and can work wonders on your health. What is more, our honey is fully authentic, extracted by the Gurung tribesmen of Nepal.

Mad honey

Honey is one of the most ancient and popular products in the world. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use it as a treat, medicine, or a means to lift their spirits. The taste of honey depends on which region the bees collect pollen. There are many varieties of this product, but mad honey is best known all over the world. It is because it is not so easy to get. Nepal honey gatherers climb high in the mountains to an altitude of 2500-3000 meters to search for bees hives.
Bees build their home on the cliffs, so getting to them is very difficult and dangerous. But then why risk your life for an ordinary product? Not so simple. Red honey for sale is made by bees high in the mountains where rhododendron flowers grow. These plants contain grayanotoxin poison. It is deadly in big doses. A small amount of honey is like a natural antiseptic and analgesic. Mad honey for sale strengthens the immune system and treats for respiratory diseases.

Hallucinogenic honey for sale

If you are going to buy mad honey online, then you should know more about how to take it. For hallucinogenic effect the adults should take no more than 3-4 tablespoons of the product ( in depends of your weight and lifestyle). Nepal honey can cause euphoria, intoxication, body relaxation, and a feeling of lightness. That is why deli bal honey ( mad honey ) is so famous all over the world. Mad honey has a pleasant floral taste and a light transparent texture with a yellowish tinge. 

With small doses 1 teaspoon every day ( duration 30 days), this product stimulates cell regeneration and overall recovery of the body, you will have strong immune system !

Many people call this psyhodelic honey for sale, as many people acquire it to get new sensations. Around tree spoons of this substance have a similar effect with psychotropic drugs, because our mad honey contains Grayanotoxin ( poison). This Nepalese mad honey is natural and raw product. You will experience a surge of energy, euphoria, and a sense of freedom with Himalayan honey . But you should buy mad honey online responsibly. Do not increase the dosage by more than 3-4 tablespoon ( all individually). Detailed information how to consume mad honey you will get personally through email after purchase.

Reasons to buy Nepal honey online

Himalayan honey is not so easy to get in real conditions. It is unlikely that you are ready to fly across half the globe to personally climb the mountain to search for bees. You can order mad honey online. Let the Mad honey Hunters do their work. You need to choose the desired product on the Internet. Thanks to Mad honey company you can order this delicacy anywhere in the world. Thanks to the fast worldwide delivery, you have the opportunity to try rhododendron honey. Stick to the mad honey dosage, and everything is going to be okay.
Himalayan honey purchase is a great idea to try something new. Hallucinogenic honey for sale will give you unique sensations, ease, and pleasant euphoria. Such a product can be a masterpiece in any gastronomic collection. Given the dosage, you can enjoy this exotic product for a very long time. Discover the unusual taste of Nepalese honey and experience all the effects of this delicacy.