Everything you need to know...

Jars represented on site are for marketing purpose only. So we are obliged by law to put the honey in a plastic jar and write “Himalayan honey” when we ship it to other countries. DHL delivery is around 5 working days, in each parcel not more than 150 g of honey, because honey is being shipped directly from Nepal (that is a law in Nepal). You will have a tracking number as well. UPS delivery is around 12 working days, not more than 1 kg. From Nepal, parcels are shipped with UPS courier to the USA or Europe and from there, our courier is going to ship them to you and send to us your tracking number.

Please check your honey when you receive it from a courier.

If you opened the honey at home and did not check it in the presence of a mail officer, then, in this case, we do not provide a refund! If the honey has flowed during the transportation and you are not okay with that, please give it back to a courier, so he will ship it back to us and we will make a refund. So checking while the presence of a courier is the only mandatory condition for a refund.

A jar is a plastic because shipping glass jars from Nepal is restricted. The same thing is with the “Himalayan honey” title – it is required to write like this on a jar to avoid suspicions about the nature of honey itself because we don`t want you to have problems like confiscation for expertise on customhouse. 

Below we attached some photos of packaging and jars which you will receive with love from Nepal. And one more important thing to inform you: The Mad honey is a natural product! This type of honey contains Grayanotoxin (poison) which is cause hallucinogenic effect, makes you drunk or deeply relaxes you;)